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SIEPEL propose a solution of secure enclosures dedicated to the confidentiality of sensitive meetings and to the prevention of IT & communication devices communications interception. It is the perfect solution against eavesdropping and wireless recovery of compromising signals.

Secure rooms are intended for high-level decision-makers such as diplomats, defence authorities, ...


Dual protection

Electromagnetic & Acoustic protection constitute a unique solution on the market

Office-like environment

100% customizable interior with LED lights, wallpaper, wooden floor...

Can be adapted to any room shape in any size


Main Features
  • Dual protection: Electromagnetic shielding & acoustic isolation

  • Modular self-standing structure, totally independent from host building, easy to install & remove

  • Office-like interior: pleasant lighting, wall covering for meeting rooms...

  • Comprehensive supply - your secure is fitted with:

    • Raised floor & suspended ceiling
    • Sound traps for ventilation / air conditioning inlets & outlets
    • Electrical package: electrical switchboard, lighting, power sockets...
  • Customizable dimensions allowing an installation in any existing room

  • Connection to the existing air vents, power supply, local internet network

  • High reactivity thanks to our in-house manufacturing

  • Installation anywhere in the world

SIEPEL solution of secure meeting rooms uses a modular panel technology, easy and convenient for dismantling and transfer in the event of a move.

  • Guaranteed shielding effectiveness performances: 50 dB from 10 MHz to 6 GHz

  • Acoustic isolation: 30 dB at 250 Hz, 35 dB at 500 HZ, 40 dB from 1 to 8 MHz.

Performances controls & service

Following the installation's completion, SIEPEL Measurement Department can proceed to a shielding effectiveness validation and to the acoustic isolation measurement.


Secure Room V4

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