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SIEPEL R&D developed high RF performances portable solutions to isolate mobile devices from the working environment and prevent your conversations' recording and eavesdropping.

They are mainly used to secure sensitive meetings at different French and foreign Embassies & Consulates. Forensics Special Forces and Police Departments around the world also use SIEPEL Shielded Pouches to secure evidence and avoid tampering.


Secure Box

Can receive up to 8 mobile devices and disconnect them from all telecommunications networks (GSM, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, Bluetooth and WiFi).

Shielded pouches

Used for the prevention of unwanted wireless communications, whether uplink or downlink. Shuts down all data transfer for your mobile, tablet or laptop.


Main Features

SIEPEL Secure Box:

  • Dual level of protection: Electromagnetic shielding & acoustic isolation
  • Made of Galvanized steel, fixed on a base frame with 4 wheels
  • Assisted opening thanks to a hinged lid with the simple press of a button
  • Need to be plugged to the room power supply (110/230V ~ 50/60Hz)

SIEPEL Shielded Pouches:

  • Single level of protection: Electromagnetic shielding
  • Made of a multi-layer shielding fabric
  • Lightweight and flexible product
  • Various models and sizes available off-the-shelf. Contact us for customization

Both products are going through testing and validation before shipping. Test reports available on demand.


Secure box:

  • Total shielding isolation for all devices working between 400 MHz and 6 GHz.

  • Soundproofing from 100 Hz to 4 kHz.

Shielded pouches:

  • Minimum -75dB shielding effectiveness from 400 MHz to 6 GHz.


Secure Box

Download the pdf version of this product to see detailed information.


Shielded Pouches

Download the pdf version of this product to see detailed information.