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Shielded doors are one of the key parts of shielded enclosures. Since 1986, SIEPEL focused on designing and manufacturing shielded doors to meet the stringiest of our customers’ requirements. SIEPEL doors come in different sizes and opening types but all keep up the same level of requirement than our shielded rooms.

Choosing a door designed by SIEPEL means having the best of shielding effectiveness performances combined to the best user-friendly experience on the market.

Our range of doors is suitable for a wide audience, from a simple single-leaf personnel door to a complex and unique zero-sill triple-leaf door designed to meet our Space and Defence customers’ requirements.


130dB, guaranteed!

All SIEPEL doors have a 130dB @1GHz shielding effectiveness guarantee. Unique in the industry!

Fully automatic

With only the push of a button, you get access to your anechoic chamber. No efforts, no worries

SIEPEL doors are adaptable to any type of chamber. Easy plug-and-play


Main Features
  • Best shielding effectiveness in the industry
  • Modular structure, easily adaptable thanks to our installation frame
  • Easy retrofit of your current installation
  • Robust with SIEPEL multi-point latching technology
Performances control and services

All doors are going through extensive testing and quality control before shipment.

Customers are welcome to attend a FAT to witness these controls.