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With more than 15 chambers installed in the past three years, SIEPEL is closely following the evergrowing market of Antenna Measurement chambers.
To follow the rythm set by the antenna manufacturers and to reward the successful cooperation that has started many years ago, SIEPEL has become the exclusive distributor of NSI-MI in France.


NSI-MI is the world leader in providing near-field antenna measurement systems with 450 systems. When combining their success in NF systems with other branches of their activity (Far-Field, Radar Cross Section, Compact Ranges,...), NSI-MI has installed, to date, more than 1,000 systems worldwide!


SIEPEL microwave absorbers are today the product of choice for NF and FF antenna measurement chambers along with Compact Antenna Test Ranges. Guaranteed performances of our RF absorbers makes it easy for our partners to calculate and guarantee quiet zone performances to their customers.



Antenna measurements in near-field conditions with either a planar, vertical or horizontal scanner


Antenna measurements in far-field conditions with a customized SIEPEL full-anechoic chamber

Single or compensated compact ranges solutions for satellite testing and RCS measurements


Anechoic Chambers V7

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