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SIEPEL RF & Microwave absorbers series are all manufactured in our factory. With a complete control over our production, we are able to propose a fast delivery of most of our range.

SIEPEL R&D department is constantly working on developing and improving our absorbers series. Contact us for more details about your project!


High quality, always!

All batches are subject to quality control and follow the latest regulations in terms of fire testing, air cleanliness classification and RoHS & REACH

High performances

Power handling, reflectivity, longevity... Outstanding characteristics for all SIEPEL absorbers

SIEPEL plastic paint coating has been unequalled for the past 20 years! Excellent memory foam, softness and cleanliness make this coating a must-have in your anechoic chamber


APM series

Pyramidal foam absorbers
Frequency: 80MHz - 110GHz+
Power handling: 2kW/m² (850V/m)
Application: NF / FF / CATR / RCS

AHP series

High-power pyramidal absorbers
Frequency: 500MHz - 110GHz+
Power handling: 20 kW/m² (2 750 V/m)
Application: NF / FF / CATR / RCS

ADM series

Pyramidal wedge absorbers
Frequency: 200MHz - 110GHz+
Power handling: 2kW/m² (850V/m)
Application: narrow anechoic chambers
Absorbers - Wedge (Copier)

APC series

Convoluted foam absorbers
Frequency: 1GHz - 26GHz+
Power handling: 2kW/m² (850V/m)
Application: NF / FF

ASI series

Silicone resonant absorbers
Frequency: 1GHz - 24GHz
Reflectivity: -25 dB resonance frequency
Application: RCS & False echo prevention

AH series

Multi-layer flat absorbers
Frequency: 500MHz - 100GHz+
Reflectivity: -20dB
App: Small enclosures/Coupling reduction

AT series

3-layer flat absorbers
Frequency: 100MHz - 40GHz
Guaranteed reflectivity
App: Small enclosures/Coupling reduction
AT noirs

API series

Flat walkway absorbers
Frequency: 200MHz - 18GHz+
Maximum loading: 200 kg/m²
App: create path in full-anechoic chamber

AI series

Weatherproof absorbers
Frequency: 200MHz - 18GHz+
Application: Outdoor use
Absorbers - weatherproof (Copier)