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HardWare-In-the-Loop or more commonly HWIL is a technique that is used in the development of complex test systems in automotive systems, radar, robotics, power systems and offshore systems.

The evolution of electronics and RF sensors has made the testing in real-life conditions mandatory. However, implementing a full scale real-life test solution can be very expensive. With very high running costs, the requirement of many costly prototypes and all safety precautions, running real-life measurement can become difficult to implement.

HWIL simulation has proven to be a real money saver when testing expensive equipments.

HWIL Chamber


SIEPEL, in association with the leader in HWIL Motion Simulators, has become an expert in designing and installing full anechoic chambers for HWIL testing. Our chambers are today mostly used in the development of missiles fitted with end game guidance.

SIEPEL experience makes us THE anechoic chamber supplier for HWIL testing. Customers include government agencies, private military companies in a few different countries.Contact us for an introdution to HWIL and to set up a meeting with our partners.