How to choose
an EMC Anechoic Chamber?

SIEPEL propose a large range of anechoic chambers dedicated to EMC measurements. Whether you are looking for an upgrade of your current installation with hybrid absorbers or intend to invest in a brand new EMC chamber, we are here for you.

SIEPEL range of precompliance (HERA & HESTIA series) or full compliance (HERMES & ATHENA series) are designed to meet international industry and commercial standards (such as CISPR16-1-4, CISPR12 or IEC61000-4-3 for instance). The extensive experience of SIEPEL R&D is proven by proposing tailor-made and optimized coverage of the EMC chamber.

As you can see in some of our installations below, EMC chambers are not necesseraly entirely covered with absorbers. This optimized design ensures costs savings and a fast leadtime of SIEPEL EMC absorbers.

SIEPEL also proposes solutions for automotive, aeronautics and military EUTs.

Our solutions

Industry & Commercial

Chose between pre or full compliant chambers to best match your needs with the HERA, HESTIA, HERMES & ATHENA series.

Automotive components

Chose our solution for a full-compliant EMC chamber for CISPR25 and ISO11452-2 with the CHRONOS series.

Chose between our two standard full-compliant EMC chambers for DO160 and MIL-STD-461 with the ARES series.

Download our guide

To summarize SIEPEL catalogue of EMC anechoic chambers, you can download our guide to chose the right EMC anechoic chamber for your needs.

It gives you a quick insight on all chambers, with guaranteed performances, measurement distance and standard dimensions.