Welcome to SIEPEL ASIA!

SIEPEL Asia is the arm of SIEPEL dedicated to the business development in Asia Pacific countries. We are based in Taipei, Taiwan and rely on an extensive network of distributors and partners in all of Asia.
SIEPEL is a French company existing since 1986 and is an expert in EMC & Antenna measurements along with Cybersecurity. With its manufacturing and administrative facilities located on a single site 3 hours away from Paris, SIEPEL is the only manufacturer in the world to have a centralized HQ gathering all its activities.
Aérospatiale CANNES copy
Compact Range - CNES - France copy
NF chamber - Kathrein Germany
HERMES 10 - DeNayer - Belgique copy
SIEPEL Asia is here to support Asian customers by being closer to them and in the same time zone. In combination with our distributors, we can offer a dedicated support and a personalized experience.
Over the years, SIEPEL has proven to be an expert at supplying worldwide turnkey projects and has become the leading expert on reverberation chambers for EMC measurements with more than 120 installations over the world.
Take a look at our website and find the partner closest to you!